Our Doctrinal Heritage

While our ultimate authority for belief and practice is Scripture alone, we also recognize that our theological roots go back to the long line of those who have gone before us in the faith. We see ourselves as simply another link in the history of the Church. We accept such creeds of the early church as the Apostles’ Creed as a valuable summary of our beliefs and convictions.

Our doctrinal perspective is also in keeping with the overall system of doctrine found in many of the confessional statements and catechisms growing out of the Reformation including the Westminster Confession and Catechisms (1647, 1648) and its baptistic counterpart, the London Baptist Confessions (1644, 1677/1689). While we recognize that there are minor differences among some of these statements, Scripture remains our final source of authority in all matters of faith and practice. Yet our debt to these historic statements is by no means diminished by these small areas of difference.