Holland Church History

The Holland Congregational Church was formed on September 12, 1765 by a group of people who loved the Lord Jesus Christ and has a desire to reach their community and the world for Him. In the years since then, the church has had many twists and turns.

Today the church has a passion for the glory of God as revealed in the Word of God. The doctrines of grace are sweet and loved in this body, though there are no theological banners waved from the pulpit other than God’s Word. We exist to show Christ great in our midst and in our lives. From the songs that we sing, to the prayers that we pray, to the Word that we preach, to the fellowship we enjoy, we seek to be God centered. We believe that everything exists for His glory not ours, and therefore all that we do should have His glory in view, be it when we are eating, or drinking or whatever we do, as the Apostle Paul writes to the church in First Corinthians chapter ten.